May 29, 2023

Jason Momoa as Dante in Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier.

Fast X is the latest film in the franchise that seems to keep revving itself up. The tenth installment shows that when you’re self-aware, no one can stop you. We find Dom and his family still have enemies popping up and this time they may have finally met their match. Jason Momoa is the new big bad of the series and might just be the evilest of them all in a performance that is unhinged and terrifying.

Jason Momoa is Dante in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier

Fast X is able to bring together decades of story and characters in an epic way. The movie is filled with so many callbacks and cameos from previous characters in the franchise to satisfy longtime fans. Once the movie is finished setting up the story and character motivations it starts going fast and doesn’t slow down. There is no shortage of action when it comes to Fast X and even more fast cars and racing than the past couple of installments. This is definitely a plus to everyone who had been longing to see those street races return as Fast X brings the best parts of all the other films.

In a movie that is filled with so many characters it can be easy to have some characters fade into the background. The movie however is able to give just enough time and shine to all the characters. We have to remember that this movie is only the first of a possible trilogy, so it had a lot to set up. The story set up a huge villain that had to top those before him, and in this case, Jason Momoa excels. He becomes one of your favorite characters to see on the screen with how much he brings to the table. It was one of the most disturbing performances in all of the Fast franchise as you see him descend into some pretty morbid territory.

A globetrotting adventure as big as Fast X is definitely going to suffer from some bloating. There are moments that just feel like they were put there at the last minute, making it feel flat especially with the story and its pace. However, the amount of nostalgia, comedy, and insane action sequences make up when things feel like they slow down. All of this combined with the uncertainty of what Mamoa’s character Dante is up to next adds more to the film.

Vin Diesel and Daniela Melchior in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier

Overall, we enjoyed Fast X for its insane action sequences, funny moments, and nostalgia driven call backs from the series. We do hope for less bloat in the coming films, to allow for everyone to get more shine in the next one. It is a fun blockbuster worth seeing, especially, if you’re a fan of the franchise.

We give Fast X a 3.5 out of 5!

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