March 29, 2023

Of an Age is Goran Stolevski second feature film and a very different turn than his debut feature You Wont Be Alone. In his second feature we follow two individuals over the course of 24 hours as a love blossoms. Of an Age is a deep and tender romance and coming of age film you can check out the trailer here. I won’t say anymore because this is one to definitely not going in knowing much. The two lead actors here really have great chemistry with one another and you’re eager to join in on the ride. The direction here was superb with great shots that just enhance the romance felt throughout the film with just the right lighting as well.

It’s beautiful cinematography and phenomenal acting were amongst the things that really highlighted the film in its first half. I did however find myself disinterested in the second half. The film has a point in which we very much cut and feels like a resolution only to keep us for another 40 minutes in which it feels like a very long epilogue. This was the only issue with Of an Age for me was the length. I felt it could have been 20-25 minutes shorter and would have felt more the impact of the ending. Overall I enjoyed the movie, it’s dialogue and shots will definitely keep you seated. The two actors also did such a phenomenal job throughout the movie. There’s also a great Nelly Furtado needle drop!

We definitely recommend Of an Age especially if you love a good deep and tender romance, dialogue, and cinematography.

Of an Age we give 3.75/5

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