March 29, 2023

Yellowjackets will be returning for its second season on March 26th and the anticipation for us is growing. We were excited to learn about Camp Yellowjackets at SXSW which was going to have food, drink, and some pretty awesome ambiance. This was definitely one of the top events for us to check out. Our team got the chance to go check out the preview right before the opening this weekend and here’s what we saw!

As soon as you enter you are instantly transported to 96 Camp Yellowjackets with snow included. You can find so many moments captured from the show throughout the camp including some ritual vibes all over the event. The staff made the event that much more immersive by really playing with ideas from the show. The event had activities from photo ops to axe throwing all while you and other campers vibe to good food and drinks.

We really enjoyed our time at the event as well as the many surprises including some of the cast showing up. The food was really good alongside the drinks offered by Casa Amigos which was provided throughout the venue. There was a fun station with sliced mushroom and steak that played with the idea of what were you actually eating like in the show. Mushrooms were a plenty with some mushroom tea also being offered.

Overall from the activities, ambience and the refreshments Camp Yellowjackets is the spot to be. You can check out more pictures of our visit below and we will also be making a video compilation of everything there was. The Camp will be running from March 11th-12 from 11am-6pm at Fair Market (1100 E 5th St. Austin Tx)

Will you be checking in to Camp Yellowjackets this weekend at SXSW?

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