February 1, 2023

Lightyear is the latest film from Pixar and the first film they have on the big screen since Onward. The film follows the story of Buzz Lightyear as he tries to figure out a away to get his crew out of Tikana Prime by testing a hyperspace fuel. The fuel however comes at a price as he goes forward four years each time he uses it.

We eventually see Buzz try this process so much that his best friend Alisha has started a family and eventually dies. Buzz tries once more and is eventually 22 years into the future and things arent looking good. Emperor Zurg and it’s robots have now taken over Tikana Prime and it’s up to him and a squad to take them down. The squad consists of new Star Command rangers Mo Morrison (Taika Waititi), Darby Steel (Dale Soules), and Hawthorne’s grown granddaughter, Izzy (Keke Palmer), to stop Zurg.

The question is what does Zurg want and well that question is answered and it sure is a twist. Buzz is captured by the Emperor and he reveals himself to be much older version of Buzz from a different timeline. Zurg explains that after making a successful hyperspace leap, he came across an even more technologically advanced ship in his travels. Zurg then traveled back to Buzz’s time in order to prevent Tikana Prime from happening.

Buzz isn’t down with Zurg’s plan, because changing the past would change everything and everyone he knows. This would become a huge paradox and he would not let this happen, so we get a huge showdown in which Izzy, Mo, Darby, and the cybernetic cat assistant Sox (Peter Sohn) arrive to help,¬†Buzz and company destroy Zurg’s ship and stop him. Zurg tries to escape but seems to be killed as Buzz and the rest go on an revive the Star Commanders. In a post credit scene however, we see Zurg is definitely still alive.

Buzz and Star Commanders try to escape Tikana Prime but as Buzz tries out a hyperspace fuel he keeps going into the future. He eventually goes 80 plus years into the future and evil robots have taken over. Emperor Zurg is behind this invasion and it’s up to Buzz and a crew to take him down. In the end we learn that Zurg is indeed another Buzz from another timeline and is trying to revert things back. Our present-day Buzz isn’t with this idea because it could cause a paradox that would wipe a lot out. Buzz and company manage to take down Zurg and start a new command, but Zurg is still out there alive. What did you think of Lightyear let me know and follow for more.

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