February 1, 2023

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Movie Review Is It Worth Seeing In Theaters Or Can I Wait To Watch It?

A Summer that’s full of blockbusters you wouldn’t expect a film about a shell to have me in my feels but here we are. Marcel The Shell with Shoes On tells the story of Marcel and their grandmother. The documenter is a guy who comes across Marcel and decides to document them for internet videos. The videos quickly take off and Marcel become an celebrity and with this new fame decides to find their family.

Marcel The Shell

The movie is based on the character created by the director Dean Fleischer-Camp from a screenplay he co-wrote with Jenny Slate and Nick Paley, based on a story the three of them created with Elisabeth Holm. Marcel was actually uploaded to YouTube in short form before it became the movie we have today. The movie is shot in a mockumentary style which makes its points hit harder. This make the message very clear by the end of it as well and really makes you think about life. It’s also the voice acting that makes these shells come to life and the very cute creations.

Marcel’s story is that of self discovery and appreciating the smaller things in life we might take for granted. A beautiful story being told at the right time when it feels like everyone is so distant. I truly recommend this movie for anyone who just needs to unwind and think about life. A film that that just tells the story of a shell looking for its family. The music and visuals just compliment it even more with a thought provoking ending you don’t want to miss.

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