February 1, 2023

We had been teased and hyped up for this episode of The Boys called Herogasm. The show had been hyping this episode after it was announced it would be included in the season 3 of the show. The infamous comic run had the supes going on a retreat to pretty much get down as much as they can. Vought would later use the excuse to the common person that the supes went on a secret mission to protect them. The big question is does the episode of The Boys get as insane as the comic run?

We start the episode right where the show had concluded last time with new factions forming and old ones dying. Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy are now working together to defeat Homelander. Soldier Boy however wants to go after his former teammates first before going to Homelander. Butcher and Hughie track down TNT a duo that were on Soldier Boy’s team. Homelander is also trying to track down Soldier Boy and send The Deep to TNT home as well. It’s clearly going to get pretty bad from the sound of it and on top of all that herogasm is happening as well.

We finally see herogasm and it’s as insane if not more of what we were told to expect. The Deep even decides to join in on some aquatic experiences which we wont dive into. We eventually see Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy arrive but also MM and Annie who are now working with each other. In the home Soldier Boy confronts the twins but due to his PTSD he just lashes out a huge attack against everyone. The whole home crumbles as many of the supes and regular people in the home are now severely injured or dead. This causes a further rift between MM, Annies, Hughie, and Butcher.

The bigger climax was yet to come however as Homelander has now zoned in on Soldier Boy. We get a small fight between the two that Homelander is winning until Butcher shows off his new powers and helps Soldier Boy. The two start taking Homelander down and with Hughie’s help they pin him down but as Soldier Boy is charging his attack Homelander escapes. It seems to me Soldier Boy had just used the blast so it was taking longer to use now. Annie later that night quits The 7 and drops the name Starlight on her live while calling out Vought and Homelander.

The ending to this episode has changed the dynamics of the show so much. We now have The Boys the most divided we ever seen them and Annie is no longer working with Vought. Homelander seems to be losing it more now that he feels he isn’t as invincible as he was. The next episode will be interesting how the world perceives Annie’s message, as well as Homelander’s truths coming out. I believe Annie doing this was in the making especially after the meeting with Victoria but what really did it was seeing the carnage that was left from doing it Hughie and Butchers way.

Hughie has also become power hungry and wanting to feel more dominant and his insecurities might be his downfall. I also don’t fully trust Soldier Boy because why would you right? Black Noir is also missing after finding out about Soldier Boy, does he know more than anyone since he was on a team with him. We also have A Train seemingly having a heart attack after brutally killing Blue Hawk. Kimiko and Frenchie this episode had an encounter with Nina that almost killed both, so yeah so much to unpack for next week.

The Boys manages to keep us on our toes with all the twists and turns and this episode is no different. I’m curious to see the answers to all these questions and just enjoy the greatness. What do you think is next in the plan to kill Homelander and can they even do it? I don’t think Homelander will let it be easy next time and will surely be more prepared. We also have think about how he might use Victoria against Soldier Boy. So many questions but luckily next week we might get our answers!

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