February 1, 2023

The day is finally here for the grand finale of season 3 of The Boys which promises to be a huge one. We definitely have come a long way from when we started the season and everything seems broken. The Boys definitely are in a place we never seen them before with no going back to the norm. We however have a trailer to keep us calm for the big finale tonight so lets dissect it.


We know the grand finale will have a clash between Homelander and Soldier Boy but we also got a curve ball last episode. The previous episode left us with a bombshell as we discover that Homelander is actually Soldier Boy son. This definitely sets the stage for a interesting final confrontation between Homelander and Soldier Boy. Starlight also let Butcher know that temporary compound V would kill him and Hughie.

All of this would be enough to give us an epic conclusion but we also have to throw in Black Noir into the mix. Black Noir is seeking revenge on Soldier Boy for how he treated him when they were a team. In the trailer we see Homelander and Black Noir seemingly going to team up to go up against Soldier Boy. We also hear Hughie talk about saving people because its the right thing to do no matter what. This makes me think that a team up with Homelander is in effect possibly?


I know it sounds crazy but hear me out, Homelander has obviously always been the main antagonist for The Boys but is Soldier Boy any better? We have to look at Soldier Boy as just another Supe who seems to be getting more unstable as we go. He also has the added explosion power that he seemingly can’t control making him more dangerous than Homelander. Hughie might realize this along with Starlight and agree it’s better to take Soldier Boy down. The only one that might be able to do this will be Homelander.

It would definitely parallel the beginning of the season where we see Homelander and Butcher make a pact with each other. The only other outcome I see as well is seeing Homelander finally be killed, only for them to realize Soldier Boy is much worse and making him the villain for the next season. I also think Hughie and Butcher might have to just become permanent Supes in order to survive. The finale will be grand and we will definitely be covering it here and on our channel Culture Elixir.

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