February 1, 2023

Thor Love and Thunder is the second installment of Taika Waititi’s Thor series and follow up to Thor Ragnarok. The film has been anticipated for some time due to Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman taking on the mantle of Mighty Thor. Christian Bale playing Gorr the God Butcher one of the best played villains in the MCU. We discussed the ending on our YouTube channel as well.

Jane Foster

We all know with Marvel movies you always want to stick around for the post credits and Thor Love and Thunder is no different. The post credits of Jane Foster making it to Valhalla with Heimdall was beautiful. This of course follows after Jane dies in the end. This really gives Jane a proper send off after everything shes gone through. The other post credits scene opens up another story however.


Brett Goldstein

The post credit scene in which we see Zeus return definitely gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. In the scene with Zeus we see him talking to someone about getting vengeance on Thor. We later see who he’s talking to and it’s none other than Hercules, yes that Hercules. Thor will definitely have a formidable opponent with Hercules in the next movie. Hercules is close in strength to Thor and Hulk so he’s not someone to mess with for sure. Hercules will be played by Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso.


We don’t know the future of Thor just yet and will have to wait to see how the box office will do. Thor 5 however would definitely see Thor and Hercules square off but not for long I believe. Hercules has always been a member of The Avengers so I expect a truce at a point in that movie. I ultimately see Hercules taking the place of Thor once he is gone. In the meantime, we might have to wait some time before we know what’s next but it’s cool to finally see Hercules live action in the MCU.

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