February 1, 2023

SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading if you have not finished season 4 of Stranger Things.

Max Mayfield in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Fan-favorite character, Max Mayfield played by Sadie Sink, was put through a lot in Season 4 of Stranger Things. In this season, Max in constant fear of being killed by Vecna. The season ended with Max actually dying until Eleven used her powers to bring her back. However, Max still ended up being in a coma.

Stranger Things After Show

On the Stranger Things after show, the Duffer Brothers confirmed that Max’s fate was originally going to result in her death. Ross Duffer states, “For a while it was going to happen. But we ended up in this…we wanted to end it with a little more of a question…”

We have to wait until Season 5 of Stranger Things to see Max’s fate.

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