February 1, 2023

Scott Derrickson’s horror film, The Black Phone, has made over $100 million at the box office since its release in June. Considering that the movie was made for a fraction of the cost, Derrickson has been considering the potential for a sequel.

Scott Derrickson

Speaking with The Wrap, that he has been talking with The Black Phone short story author Joe Hill about exploring more with the characters. Derrickson states, “I’m interested in the characters that we created, and I think there’s a tone to the movie that is unique and can be expanded upon. So possibly, we’ll see. You never know, but I’m certainly not closed off to the idea.”

The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) of The Black Phone

While Derrickson is not actively working on a sequel, he told ComicBook.com that “Joe Hill pitched me a wonderful idea for a sequel to Black Phone that, if this movie does well, I’m gonna do it. He’s got a great idea, I really liked it.”

Blumhouse has had a lot of success turning movies into franchises, so it would be no surprise to see a series of The Black Phone films.

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