February 1, 2023

Xbox videogame Grounded is the newest videogame set to become an animated series (Source: Deadline.)


Grounded was inspired by A Bug’s Life and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It is being adapted by Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman.

Star Wars Clone Wars

The series, which exists in the same universe as the game, follows four friends, who the summer before high school, stumble upon shrinking technology that makes them two inches tall. Now the four shrunken friends must learn to survive in a towering backyard that’s a jungle full of enormous predators and hiding a vast corporate conspiracy threatening their entire town.


Friedman, who also wrote on Star Trek: Enterprise and is adapting Earthworm Jim into a series, will craft the story with Brien Goodrich, who worked on the Halo videogame attached to direct.


The game was released via early access July 2020 and will be fully launched in September 2022. At the moment, there is no release date for the animated series.

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