February 1, 2023

During Karen Fukuhara’s panel at Comicpalooza this past weekend in Houston, Texas, many questions regarding The Boys were naturally brought up.

Ernie Manouse and Karen Fukuhara at Comicpalooza (Photo Credit: CultureElixir)

Fukuhara plays Kimiko Miyashiro. As a coping mechanism for her past trauma, Kimiko’s character is mute, relying on sign language to communicate. The representation of sign language on The Boys has been something that many have praised, and during Fukuhara’s panel, several questions about sign language were brought up.

Kimiko Miyashiro (Karen Fukuhara) on The Boys

Fukuhara explained how the sign language that is shown on The Boys isn’t American Sign Language; it is actually entirely unique to the character. This language was actually invented by Amanda Richer who helps with the signing on The Boys. Richer also worked on Guillermo del Torro’s The Shape of Water.

Amanda Richer

Fukuhara also confessed that she isn’t fluent in sign language, but that there are phrases and words that have stuck with her. Fukuhara continued that one of the phrases that Richer invented was one that was used to insult Stormfront on Season 2 of The Boys; while laughing, she stated that the meaning for this specific sign meant “lick my ***hole.”

Season 3 of The Boys

On a more poignant note, an audience member brought up how much seeing sign language in entertainment has meant to him and praised Fukuhara for her performance in The Boys.

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