February 1, 2023
Henry Cavill Returning As Superman in Dc at San Diego Comic Con 2022

Henry Cavill returning as Superman is probably the biggest rumor this weekend. The return of Hall H and Comic Con always brings wonder and rumors to the interwebz. Henry Cavill returning to Hall H is probably the biggest one going into SDCC.

Henry Cavill As Superman

We all wondered if we would ever see Cavill don the red cape once again. The last time we officially saw him as Superman was in Snyder’s Justice League. The state of DC will definitely be a hot topic this weekend. DC has definitely had missteps but as of late they’ve been finding their footing. Peacemaker, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad just this last year have brought some stability.

Black Adam played By Dwayne Johnson

The question now is for DC are they ready to bring back their poster child, Superman. The fan base has been very vocal about Cavill being the only man of steel. Henry Cavill hasn’t been vocal as of late but could this all be a big surprise? Internet theorists seem to think so with the rumor of him appearing during DC panel this Saturday.

Superman in the Shazam movie

We as of now only know that Shazam and Blacl Adam will be present. The panels of either would be a geest way to introduce the man of dteel as theres history between the characters. Black Adam versus Superman or even Shazam teaming up with Superman. The latter had already been teased as a post credits in the first Shazam movie.

Henry Cavill returning to Superman is definitely on a lot of peoples bingo cards. The question is will it happen or not and all we can do is wait. DC will be at Hall H this Saturday to have their mega panel. We will definitely know the answer then. In the meantime follow us here or on our socials as we cover SDCC all weekend.

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