February 1, 2023

It’s definitely been an interesting year for DC as they are dealing with figuring out what direction to move forward in. We learned this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con that DC is definitely pushing the Justice Society of America in Black Adam. The team will also move forward more in their own stories and this left us with questions. Will DC focus solely on JSA and abandon the Justice League? The answer seems to be no after the recent announcement.

It’s not really an official announcement but its as clear as you can make it right? In a recent Instagram post Jason Momoa confirmed Batfleck. Yes, Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdome. The sequel to the huge success that was Aquaman will be featuring Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. A big surprise for many online who had believed Ben Affleck would be stepping from the role in favor of Michael Keaton. The Flash movie would apparently see Keaton taking over for Affleck but that seems to be in the air now.

We aren’t entirely sure what The Flash will do now or when we might hear more from it with everything surrounding it. The fact though it seems DC is really just focusing on a few movies at a time and those two right now are Shazam and Black Adam. I don’t expect more news about Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom until we have Black Adam released. Aquaman was moved to next year as well as The Flash so DC has time to explain it’s plan.

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