February 1, 2023

Nope has been out for a week now and the analyzing the movie has been our top priority on our YouTube Channel. We decided on the week anniversary to release a kill count for the movie so definitely check it out on our YT channel. Let’s get started with how many kills we might have missed that were right at the beginning of the film.

OJ in Nope Movie


We start of the movie with two kills that have happened off screen when the radio is talking about two hikers being lost. This is definitely the ones that start of the kill count and would explain how Jean Jacket has materials to drop that would lead to our next kill in the movie.

OJ Father In Nope


Our next kill will definitely be Otis Sr who was killed when a coin fell from the sky and lodged in his eye. It definitely took me by surprise seeing him be taken out so quickly. This would make his death the third in the film but wouldn’t be close to the last one we have in the movie.


We also have Ricky who as we know will be responsible for a lot more deaths but before we get into those lets talk about the off screen ones. Oj lets Emerald know he has sold ten horses to Ricky over time and as we later find out all ten have been sacrificed. The ten horses then would be added to the list alongside the other two horses we see get eaten by Jean Jacket.


Okay we’re getting to the massive casualty scene but before that lets talk about the Gordy scene that also seems to have some casualties. Gordy definitely will count as one and we could take into account two of the co-stars as well. Ricky of course didn’t learn from this event and decided to try and tame another animal and cost him and his patrons their life. In the scene with Star Lasso we counted about 40 people including Ricky and his family. All of them of course were consumed by Jean Jacket.


The kill count is pretty high by now but lets get into the final numbers and a questionable kill as well. In the final act of the film we see two people die for the spectacle and that’s Antlers the director and the TMZ guy. The final kill will of course by Jean Jacket themselves at the hand of Emerald but one death is questionable. The death of OJ is left up to interpretation as we see him sort of seemingly trying to sacrifice himself as a distraction. In the end we don’t see him completely but just a shadow of him which makes people wonder if he’s alive or not. In the end its up to the viewer I feel and in my opinion he survived so our total kill count comes down to 62.

Nope is out in theaters everywhere now!

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