February 1, 2023

The official teaser trailer for Spirit Halloween: The Movie was released today.

Christopher Lloyd in Spirit Halloween: The Movie

The film centers on characters being trapped inside a Spirit Halloween store. While being trapped, the characters discover that decorations and animatronics are coming to life and coming after them. The Spirit Halloween characters that are seen include Buzzsaw, Nightcrawler and Mr. Dark.

The trailer shows three boys who dare to spend the night in a Spirit Halloween store. We see an old man who pass away, while the narrator explains that there is, “a spirit that can’t let go of his life.” This spirit, they will soon find out, has been possessing the creepy characters at the store. Later in the trailer, a girl joins them and seemingly becomes possessed. The boys are seen trying to survive the night.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie

David Poag directed Spirit Halloween. Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook star in the upcoming feature film.

Spirit Halloween releases on VOD October 11, 2022.

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