February 1, 2023

This past week, several cancellations were announced by Warner Bros. Part of these cancellations included Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl

With these shocking announcements, the possibility of other projects being cancelled looms. Supergirl, which has been in development, may not continue moving forward. Sasha Calle was set to star as the superheroine, who was first going to be introduced in The Flash and lead to a spin-off. The Flash was set to introduce several characters to the DC Universe.

Sasha Calle

Due to controversy concerning The Flash‘s lead actor, Ezra Miller, the film has been put on hold despite being finished. This state of limbo has put restraints on the introduction of Supergirl. Along with this, Discovery’s acquisition of Warner Bros. has also led to many changes for the company’s roster of films, which included the cancellation of Batgirl.

At the moment, there is no confirmation of Supergirl‘s future, but it is being reported that the project is in danger of being scrapped.

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