February 1, 2023

Todd Phillips’ Joker sequel, Joker: Folie À Deux releases first teaser.

For several months now, there have been rumors of Lady Gaga being a part of the sequel. Due to Lady Gaga’s involvement, it was also rumored that the film would be a musical. Today, we received confirmation for both of these rumors.

Joker silhoette

Gaga posted a teaser on Instagram today. In the teaser, the song, “Cheek to Cheek” by Fred Astaire is playing, with silhouettes of first Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and then a silhouette of Lady Gaga’s unnamed character in what appears to be a ballgown. The short video ends with the two appearing to be dancing together, and it includes an official release date for the sequel.

Lady Gaga’s silhouette

Gaga is most likely going to play Harley Quinn, but it hasn’t officially been confirmed. The film will be a musical and is set to release October 4, 2024.

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