February 1, 2023
bodies bodies bodies review

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the latest film from A24 who have been having an amazing year not just in the horror genre. A24 has delivered incredible films this year from Everything Everywhere All At Once, X, and now we have Bodies Bodies Bodies. The film definitely turns the whodunit genre on it’s head and delivers fun packed thrill ride. Halina Reijin the director of the film, gives us a very Gen-Z slasher movie that puts a magnifying glass at our culture today. It’s more specific to internet culture but with each year it feels like the cyber and real world mend together more. The question however is does it live up to the hype it’s been receiving as of late. Here’s my Bodies Bodies review and thoughts below

Sophie and Bee In Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies Redefines Horror

I’m here happy to say I believe it not only lives up to the hype but it exceeds it in everyway possible and will redefine the horror genre. The film follows a group of friends playing a game named after the movie where one is randomly chosen to be the killer. It takes a sick turn when one friend is actually found dead and the distrust begins. I won’t go any further into the story to not ruin it and the twists and turns are ones you wont see coming. The less you know the better especially if you haven’t seen the trailer don’t!

The cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies Killer Soundtrack

Music on this was also very killer with the mix of hyper pop tracks such as Charli XCX Hot Girl single and the amazing Disasterpiece on the OST. I definitely felt like just vibing to the music at points but also felt they complemented the movie as a whole as well. I’m definitely going out of my way to get the soundtrack once its out after leaving the theater. Yes, music is important but how does this work as a thriller/horror movie? Well it works surprisingly well for a simple premise in one location the scares and thrills are all there.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Amazing Cast

All of the actors involved as well did an amazing job at portraying insufferable rich kids that still felt relatable to our society. Maria Bakalova and Amandla Stenberg as our lead actors were stupendous through and definitely worth keeping an eye out in the future. Pete Davidson and Lee Pace as the older of the bunch don’t feel like they stand out and really show great chemistry throughout. You will definitely find something annoying of each character but also something you love from them as well.

Maria Bakalova In Bodies Bodies Bodies

It deconstructs a lot of Gen-Z but also Millennial thoughts and is a reflection of our society today. The film will take you through a whirlwind of emotions that by the time the credits roll you need to see it again. Yes, go see this film in theaters and just have a good time when the lights dim and the music starts bumping!

Amandla Stenberg In Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies releases wide 8/12

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