February 1, 2023

Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game set in 13th-century Japan. It has become one of the most acclaimed and fastest selling titles, with over 9 million copies sold. The film’s adaptation with Chad Stahelski was announced earlier this year.

Ghost of Tsushima

While speaking with Collider, Stahelski described how he plans to make the film completely in Japanese with a Japanese cast. “A complete Japanese cast, in Japanese. Sony is so on board with backing us on that. I’ve been going to Japan since I was 16. I have a love of the country, love of the people, love of the language. To try to direct not only in my language, but someone else’s and culturally shift my mindset to bring apart that in a cool way that still entices a Western audience.”

Chad Stahelski

Despite the popularity of Parasite and Squid Game, subtitled properties have historically struggled at the box-office. Stahelski understands this and explains why he thinks that Ghost of Tsushima will be successful, describing the importance of facial performance. “There’s a way to direct actors. There’s a way to do it. Where a look can mean a look which can mean a look, which mean there are a lot of ways to do it. So, part of the challenge, not to jump over your question, but look, I think there’s a way to do it. And a way to direct the cast and a way to mellow dramatically enhance facial performance. So, if I turn the sound off, I want you to know what the scene is about, in whatever language.

Sony has yet to reveal further details from the Ghost of Tsushima film adaptation.

Source: Collider

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