February 1, 2023

Cabinet of Curiosities is an upcoming horror anthology streaming series by Guillermo Del Torro for Netflix. Today, a trailer was released on the Netflix Geeked Official Twitter account.

Cabinet of Curiosities Trailer

The series will release over four days and feature eight different stories. In the trailer, we get a compilation of spooky clips, and are introduced to the series by Guillermo himself. He begins by saying, “Cabinet of Curiosities is a show I always wanted to make.”

Cabinet of Curiosities behind the scenes

Del Torro continues by saying that “ownership” of each episode is given to its corresponding director. By doing so, “each of the episodes has a whole world.” From the trailer, we learn that the monsters are made using practical effects. The trailer shows some behind the scenes looks of artists creating the monsters, along with a quick introduction to each episode.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Another key point of the trailer is the reveal of each episode. These include: The Autopsy directed by David Prior, and The Outside directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, The Viewing directed by Panos Cosmatos, Dreams in the Witch House directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Lot 36 directed by Guillermo Navarro, Pickman’s Model directed by Keith Thomas, Graveyard Rats directed by Vincenzo Natali, and The Murmuring directed by Jennifer Kent.

Cabinet of Curiosities “The Autopsy” Directed by David Prior

Additionally, Del Torro says his goal with the series is to show that, “the world is beautiful and horrible at exactly the same time.”

Cabinet of Curiosities releases October 25 on Netflix.

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